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Reflect, Replenish, Restore

Supporting people who perform the recovery work needed in communities responding to crisis.

The purpose of Reflect, Replenish, Restore is to create and hold space for community responders to pause, connect with themselves, each other and develop a sense of being able to do what’s ahead of them.

This program is for those who make themselves available to support community in times of crisis. This includes volunteers, emergency services, government and community groups. The work of community recovery is crucial to the people of Queensland. In recent times with multiple disasters, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to keep going and to continue responding, sees people under increasing pressure. Reflect, Replenish, Restore provides an opportunity for support and self -care so those involved in recovery work can avoid burnout.

Topics covered include:

  • Reflect on your experience to date and what it has taken to get this far.
  • Replenish your sense of wellbeing and connectedness with others.
  • Restore renewed sense of hope and the energy to continue the work of recovery.

Reflect, Replenish, Restore is informed by evidence-informed frameworks and models including:

  • Wheel of Well-being, which identifies a holistic approach to wellbeing using six interrelated elements: body, mind, spirit, people, place and planet.
  • Values in Action Character Strengths that enable personal reflection and ability to cope with stress and challenges.
  • The Circle Way, a powerful method for facilitating respectful conversations.
  • Activities and information related to self-care and wellbeing, drawn from several additional sources and referenced in the participant journal.

Sessions include a series of activities to create space for personal reflection and connection with self and others through:

  • Sharing stories and ideas.
  • Identifying existing and potential self-care strategies.
  • Exploring strengths and values.

The training is delivered by qualified, experienced Lifeline trainers. Participants receive a Statement of Attendance at completion of the course.

How it works

Format: Three x 2.5 hour online sessions, two weeks apart. The workshop will be tailored to the specific needs of participants.

Resources: Participants will receive a program journal containing information and activities related to the sessions, as well as additional references and ideas for continuing the journey of learning and practice.

Outcome: Reflect, Replenish, Restore aims to equip people with tools and practices to assist in maintaining personal wellbeing and connection while continuing the longer-term work of community recovery.

*Our COVID-19 plan is in place for all training sessions. All social distancing regulations as established by the Government and Department of Health will be followed for face-to-face training sessions.

Note: Training sessions are subject to change based on changing regulations and/or demand.

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