You mightn’t be able to rescue a person from a roof or bring back cherished possessions they've lost under water, but you can help them when they're at their lowest point. You can keep them alive and give them hope.

By donating today, you will help us get more trained Crisis Supporters on the end of those phone lines. And you'll help us get Lifeline Community Recovery Teams on the ground in badly-damaged locations as soon as it's safe enough.

Our communities have been battered by drought and COVID and economic hardship and now devastating floods. People can’t take much more. But you can be there for them when they've lost their home, or life's work, or the will to lift their head after yet another soul-destroying setback.


Donate now

Will you help support and train more Lifeline volunteers so they can do the extraordinary work of saving stranger’s lives?

These are amazing people. They sacrifice time away from families, hobbies and work to do shifts at Lifeline. Even before the floods, they've been working extra shifts to be there for the record numbers of people reaching out for help.

Will you please donate to Lifeline Queensland today?

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