Mental health awareness

Learn how to recognise, respond and refer when working with someone who may have mental health concerns.

The Mental Health Literacy (MH-Literacy) course is a mental health awareness training program designed to enable participants to recognise, respond and refer when working with someone who may have a mental health problem. There is also a module on self-care to ensure that participants take responsibility for their own well-being.

Topics covered include:


  • What is mental illness?
  • Impact and prevalence of mental illness in Australia.
  • Experiences of people with mental illness.
  • Treatments for mental illness.
  • Recovery.


  • Interacting with people with mental illness.
  • Appropriate language and terminology.
  • How to listen and support including the skills of active listening; summarising; and open and closed questioning.
  • Check safety, including asking about suicide.


  • Appropriate referrals.
  • How to make a referral.


  • Tips and tools for self-care.


This workshop has a blended delivery:

  • Two-hour, self-paced eLearning through the Go1 Platform.
  • Four-hour, face-to-face or virtual workshop.

Resources: Printed copy of slides and relevant handouts.

Course brochure

  • Mental Health Literacy brochure
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    Download pdf


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