Mentally healthy workplaces and people

Create a safe and supportive work environment with Lifeline Training by equipping your staff with the skills to best support clients, co-workers and friends who may be experiencing mental health concerns, domestic and family violence, crisis, and suicide.

Lifeline has been providing a range of crisis support, mental health and suicide prevention services in Australia for more than 50 years. Lifeline Training enables organisations to create a more mentally healthy workplace, as well as:

  • Be an employer of choice.
  • Improve work performance.
  • Reduce costs associated with underperformance, absenteeism, presenteeism and workers compensation.
  • Improve organisational culture and staff retention.
  • Demonstrate corporate social responsibility.

In addition, when you choose Lifeline Training courses for employees, all proceeds go directly to fund our crisis support services, so you are helping even more people in crisis.

Lifeline workplace training courses

A happy man smiling at an unknown person in the foreground
Accidental Counsellor

Develop better communication skills to support a colleague, client or friend.

Two young people chat while walking through an office corridor.
Accidental Counsellor Foundations

Learn basic skills for better communication and dealing with people in crisis.

A woman with long brown hair and glasses, holding a cup in both hands in her loungeroom.
A Whole Person Approach to Wellbeing and Self-Care

Learn how to care for your emotional and psychological health to prevent burnout.

An artistic image of a man’s silhouette looking at a lot of paperwork pinned to a wall.
Bystander Action Training

Learn how to prevent and respond to domestic and family violence on an individual and community level.

Two children plant a tree, as an adult in the background shows more children how to plant trees.
Effective Communication Skills

Learn how to engage with a person in distress using our Recognise, Respond, Refer model.

LivingWorks Applied Suicide Intervention Skills (ASIST)

Gain the skills to provide an intervention with friends, family members and colleagues who are at risk of suicidal thoughts.

An older man and woman sit talking on a couch.
LivingWorks safeTALK

Learn how to identify and help people who may be having thoughts of suicide.

A young woman with long dark hair looks pensively out a rain-soaked window.
LivingWorks START (eLearning)

Learn how to recognise when someone is having thoughts of suicide and respond to keep them safe.

Three young women gather around a work table listening to a fourth woman speaking animatedly.
Managing Challenging Interactions

Learn how to handle emotional or aggressive behaviours in an objective and empathetic way.

Two young women have a conversation in a park.
Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

Learn how to identify and support someone who may be experiencing a mental health concern or crisis.

A woman wearing glasses speaks intently with an unknown person.
Mental Health Literacy

Learn how to recognise, respond and refer when working with someone who may have mental health concerns.

The silhouette of a man bowing his head in his hands as he sits at his desk in an office.
Mental Health Literacy (e-learning)

Learn how to recognise the signs of mental health challenges and how to respond with empathy, while keeping safe.

A smiling man in a suit jacket points at a blank whiteboard, as colleagues around a table watch.
Psychological First Aid: A Whole Person Approach

Develop skills to respond to those in distress after critical events and natural disasters.

A group of 10 people walk into the sunset with their arms linked.
Strengthening Connections

Learn how to support someone immediately following a disaster or critical event until professional help is available.

Training is delivered on behalf of Lifeline Australia RTO 88036.

What participants say

Icon of avatar representing a person on a blue background
Course participant
“I liked the live format with other participants so that skills could be practised and ideas and experiences shared.”
Icon of avatar representing a person on a gray background
Course participant
“The course content was presented really well and has made a positive impact on me both professionally and personally.”
Icon of avatar representing a person on an orange background
Course participant
“The trainer was very knowledgeable in her content and made the learning interesting and relevant to everyone.”
Lifeline training recipient sitting at desk with colleague looking at a computer monitor
Personal and professional tools
See how Lifeline Training benefited Graham from Woods Bagot, personally and professionally.
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