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Handling Challenging Calls and Behaviours Training

Learn how to respond appropriately to people who are distressed, upset or aggressive.

Handling Challenging Calls and Behaviours Training is a communication training program designed for workers (often telephone workers) in contact with the public. These workers are responding to people who are sometimes quite distressed and may become angry or aggressive.

Topics covered

  • Workers’ experiences
  • The distressed client
  • Vantage points within a difficult situation
  • Communication skills
  • Roadblocks to communication
  • Problem solving skills
  • Role clarification to help set boundaries
  • Risk assessment

Key focus and elements

This training will:

  • Provide participants with an opportunity to talk about some of their experiences with these difficult and often stressful interactions and discover effective ways of responding.
  • Ensure that there is a balance between participation, knowledge and background, and skills practice.
  • Provide background information and skills relevant to managing challenging situations face-to-face or over the phone, in a way that maintains an appropriate level of client service; respects role boundaries; and is safe and appropriate for the workers themselves.

The training is delivered by qualified, experienced Lifeline trainers. Participants receive a Statement of Attendance at completion of the course.

How it works

Format: There are two options for this course:

  • Four-hour, face-to-face session with a qualified Lifeline trainer*.
  • Two-hour online virtual workshop with a qualified Lifeline trainer (prerequisite is Accidental Counsellor online virtual workshop.)

The workshop will be tailored to the specific needs of participants.

Resources: Participant workbook.

Outcome: Participants learn skills to respond appropriately to people who are distressed, upset or aggressive. Skills can be used for telephone or face-to-face contacts.

*Our COVID-19 plan is in place for all training sessions. All social distancing regulations as established by the Government and Department of Health will be followed for face-to-face training sessions.

Note: Training sessions are subject to change based on changing regulations and/or demand.

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