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Bystander Action Training

Learn how to prevent and respond to domestic and family violence on an individual and community level.

Bystander action is about building communities that do not allow violence against women to continue. Each of us has a part to play in preventing domestic and family violence.

Topics covered:

  • How to speak up and challenge attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that perpetuate violence against women.
  • What it means to be an active bystander.
  • The tools you need to make a difference within your families, peers, workplaces and communities.

Participants receive a certificate of attendance from Lifeline Corporate Training.

How it works

Format: There are two options for this course:

  • Three-hour face-to-face training*.
  • Two-hour online virtual workshop with a qualified Lifeline trainer (content may differ from face-to-face training).

Outcome: Participants will discover that collective and individual actions can prevent and respond to domestic and family violence.

*Our COVID-19 plan is in place for all training sessions. All social distancing regulations as established by the Government and Department of Health will be followed for face-to-face training sessions.

Note: Training sessions are subject to change based on changing regulations and/or demand.

Lifeline Corporate Training

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