When all hope seems lost, a moment of connection can change everything.

Every 30 seconds, someone reaches out to Lifeline feeling anxious, lonely, overwhelmed, or on the bring of suicide.

Donate today and make sure people in crisis can speak to someone who knows how to listen – and who has the skills and training to keep them alive and holding on to hope.

A photo of Peta. Peta is happy and smiling in front of a green, sunny backyard. She has warm brown hair and kind blue eyes.
This is Peta

Peta had her first suicidal thought at just 11 years of age. She remembers thinking: "What is this evil thing in me? Why would I have something in my head telling me to hurt myself?”

By age 22, the thoughts had become overwhelming – especially at night.“Each night I’d ask the universe, ‘Help me. I'm in such pain here. I don't know what to do’.”

As her thoughts became more and more insistent, Peta reached out to her friends. But they were no help. One even told her she was becoming ‘a burden’. “Looking back, I know my friends just weren't equipped,” says Peta, “everyone was just so awkward about it and didn't know what to do.”

It takes a pretty extraordinary person to use their own pain to help others – but Peta has done it. She's now a trainer, consultant, advocate and speaker throughout the mental health and suicide prevention space.

Lifeline is a critical part of Peta's toolkit and she courages people to call Lifeline at any time.  

“Sometimes it’s just that one other voice that you need to hear at that time. In my own journey, I needed that. Sometimes you need to hear from someone that you deserve help, and this is where you can get it.It’s that moment of connection with another human that made me want to live.

Nobody should reach the point of absolute despair. Nobody should cry out for help and not be heard.

Beyond the tragic loss of the person, the impact of suicide deaths is felt by up to 1,161 people every day – including family members, work colleagues, friends, and first responders at the time of death.

When someone says they’re not OK, we need to be there – 24/7. A donation to Lifeline Queensland will help fill every seat at our Crisis Support Centres and save more seats at home from becoming empty.

With your help we can recruit, train and equip Crisis Supporters to answer every call, text and online message for help during every crisis and disaster. And that could save someone’s life.

Please give generously today.

Donate today and be there for someone like Peta in their darkest moments.
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