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Lifeline's community recovery support workers are on the ground in flood-impacted areas of South-East Queensland, providing essential emotional and psychological support to anyone who needs it.

These significant events can create huge emotional impacts. Our minds can pile up with many feelings, and they can begin to weigh us down.

That's why applying some 'psychological first aid' is vitally important, as it can begin the healing process. We can also make a plan, together, for ongoing emotional support and provide you with additional resources and information.

Where you can find us 

Find your closest Community Recovery Hub on the Queensland government website. 

Providing a confidential, compassionate, listening ear

Community Recovery workers are trained specialists who work with local authorities to provide a coordinated response to help communities cope and recover from disaster events. By being onsite with impacted communities, they are accessible to provide psychological first-aid and a confidential, compassionate listening ear, to anyone who needs it.

What is psychological first-aid?

Psychological first-aid provides people with an opportunity to deal with the emotional impacts a natural disaster can create.

The stress and anxiety people experience during and after a natural disaster can be overwhelming.

Having early access to emotional wellbeing support, enables people to talk through their experiences, to process their emotions so they can begin the healing process. Without early intervention, the ongoing stress felt from an event can create longer-lasting implications on a person's wellbeing.


The following resources provide practical information on how to prepare for and cope with the effects and experiences brought on by crisis or natural disasters.

General information

  • Community Recovery Brochure
    485.9 KB
    Download pdf

Toolkits and factsheets

  • Coping with loss and change in a community after a bushfire
    1015.39 KB
    Download pdf
  • Coping with loss and grief
    498.67 KB
    Download pdf
  • Coping with sorrow loss and grief for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People
    1.05 MB
    Download pdf
  • Dealing with trauma
    45.56 KB
    Download pdf
  • Drought tool kit
    748.37 KB
    Download pdf
  • Getting through floods drought and extreme climate events
    678.77 KB
    Download pdf
  • Helping someone at risk of suicide
    695.04 KB
    Download pdf
  • Helping your children cope with the after effects of a natural disaster
    238.17 KB
    Download pdf
  • A whole person approach to wellbeing
    299.5 KB
    Download pdf

Holding on to Hope podcast

“It‘s really important that you recognise that what you‘re going through is not a journey you have to do alone.” - Black Saturday bushfire survivor Chris Bogusis
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